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2010-08-04 19:46:49 by PriBar

As I have of yet to be scouted, I must make bold attempts to be noticed. Just a few minutes ago I finished up this baby:


"Funny" story

2010-02-05 10:26:32 by PriBar

As I used my laptop more and more the cord started wearing down before it eventually broke.
Immediately I ordered a new one from online. It arrived a few days early which made me really happy. So I plugged it in and waited for the charging light to come on. but it didn't. I fiddled around with it a little to see if it was not plugged in or something. It was. So I tried everything but then I realized something. The cord was 9v when I needed a 12v(, which I had ordered). So I sent an e-mail to the company explaining the situation, they replied saying they would send a new one. So I waited, and waited, and waited for about 3 weeks, and then I sent them an e-mail asking if they had sent it. They replied saying:

"You haven't received it yet?! We'll send another!" (< May or may not be exact words)

So I waited again for another couple days, and it has finally arrived. :) Yeah me *claps*

Oh, and I broke my arm. :P


2009-12-19 20:09:41 by PriBar

.....Allo peachies! :D I just thought I might update me...News....but seeing as there is no new News.........I dun't know why I am updating this....well I guess I'm gonna roleplay as a famous Flash goes:

Hey guys! Sorry about not updating in a while, but I was....away, and anywho, I have a release date for my latest project: Bilch 2. It should be coming out December 29th...hopefully.

I've added a couple more features, including now you the game (-_-)...

Also have you visited my new website, It's got all the updates, and a sneak peek at me latest games and stuff.

Also I am going to be releasing "Ben and Fruity Episode: 17" within the next two weeks.

I've been getting some complaints about the violence in my games and videos. (Sorry mom xD) Anyway, now you are able to turn off blood, and violence settings, and also i'm adding more "puzzlieness" to my games opposed to fighting.... And I guess that's all....Love you dudes! :D
Anyway, so how was that....I mean...xD I dunno...I was bored...maybe I should start pretending to be really famous....o_o...whatever...Gubye peachies!

I've always wanted to form a group of Newgrounders (._. That doesn't sound right >.<) and together we would design and publish (online, unless one of us is willing to pay the costs lol) a Newgrounds magazine.

We would put let's say "The Top 10 Games Of The Month" and we could get like release dates for popular stuff. We would only release one every month though. It doesn't have to be a lot of people 3 even would do.

I have an idea for the cover, every month, we should get a popular Newgrounder (._.) to do it. Let's say every month we get the person with the currently most popular game to design it.

We wouldn't put a lot of stuff in it, just the basics, and a few fun things. But of course I want it to seem friendly, like making little jokes now and then, and not writing it in such a way that is forceful or anything. We would have different sections like "Letters to the Editor, Stuff you should definetely know (<-- Friendliness!), Collabs you might possibly like" stuff like that.

We would just fill people in on the basics of what there is to know. It could just be a fun thing to do nothing major. If you would like to volunteer please comment! Danks a lot! :D

Ima need to know two things.

2009-10-21 10:36:08 by PriBar

First off:

What does "scouted/scouting" mean?

How do I become scouted?

Ima trying mah hand at art.

2009-10-20 22:21:05 by PriBar

Heylo Peaches! Whoever the peaches are. Anyhow, I've turned to art. I'll never do flash. Anyway, read my story:

Chapter 1

Now I'll let you know right from the start that Athelia Cobbweb was no ordinary girl, in any way. She wasn't into the latest teen fashions, she didn't have a MySpace, and she didn't have a boyfriend. Now don't get me wrong, she had friends....well technically speaking it would be friend, but she was getting there. Athelia was not very tall. But she wasn't short either. She always wore black, the only white she ever wore would be a skull. Or a skeleton. Athelia was very boring. Ok, well not boring more....blah....well she didn't like to talk to people, she didn't write anything, ever, and she didn't read. She wasn't very outgoing, and only went to school when she felt like going. She liked to have everything her way. Her friend wasn't much different, but only because he didn't want to feel weird around Athelia. Benton Zachary Fiddler had been friends with Athelia since they met in...whatever you call the first year of school....when your like 1....I guess....yeaahhhh.... Anyway Benton would only go by Ben, or Zach...but not Ton, or Fiddler, or anything else. He didn't exactly mind Benton, but he thought Ben was shorter. Athelia had a middle name too, but if I dare told you it, she would kill me. For my own sake. That's how bad it is. You can try to guess it. I'll make it a mystery throughout the book. I will write in the back of the book different page numbers and lines. You have to find them and write it down to spell out...almost spilled it there. Hmm...anyway, now enough about them let me tell you the story...of .....yeah...them... Weird how that works. Anyway it was a nice..(bad) bright (dark) sunny (cloudy) morning (afternoon) in London the day she met Gregor...or Greg....or Gregory....or Gre...but that wouldn't make sense....Ory....Gor.....whatever, the day she met him was not actually the day her life turned around, that was actually a couple of weeks after she met him. Now, I guess you could call Greg an angel sent by G-d, but the thing is that Ory/Gor/Gregory/Gregor/Greg/Gre wasn't an angel, and he had nothing to do with G-d. He was atheist. One of the many strange things about Greg is that they met in a bookstore. (Reminding you about my earlier words "and she didn't read.") Athelia had been walking one day, going "nowhere", as she had told her mom as she stormed out of the house slamming the door, she passed this really old bookstore, and felt compelled to go in. There was some force pulling her in. As she entered she was not surprised to hear a jingle of bells tied to the door by a red string. This was some kind of tradition of stores on that street. Red stringed bells. Weird. Any how as she entered the store ,which had been there, as the sign read, since 1783, which is weird since the town wasn't that old....., anyhow....I said it again....we should keep track of how many times I said it. That's two there.
Any--...anyway... as she entered the 2009-1783 = (ANSWER HERE) year old store she was immediately greeted by a clerk in a red apron and white shirt and black pants. He has short blonde hair and a crew cut. "Hello, welcome to Kenton's Books, may I help you?"
She immediately replied "You can't I don't like books, never read one, never will."
The clerk had a shocked expression but quickly resided and said "Well ok, if you would like to buy anything or need any help, I'll be at the desk."
"Yeah, like I would need your help" Athelia mumbled to herself. The clerk pretended he hadn't heard it and resumed his business. One thing I had forgotten to mention about Athelia is that she was rude. Very rude. A lot rude. A bunch rude. You get the picture rude. Right? Anyhow. That makes three. Anyway-HAHA! Ok I'm getting a little tired of not being able to say any-h-o-w or
anyway or anything. So from now on instead of saying You-Know-What I will say "Como".
Como, which BTW doesn't mean you can count it to the list of time is said You-Know-What. Como, after Athelia finished talking to the clerk she looked around. The store must have been 10 times bigger than it looked from the outside. The shelves stretched up and up, full of boot to appear ks and books. As she looked up Athelia realized she couldn't see the top of the shelves. But as far as she could see up, there was tattered books. The binding was all torn up, and they looked as if though you touched it it, it may turn to dust. She wanted a ladder right then, which she had no memories of ever wishing she had before. She really wanted to find the secrets that lay upon the top of the shelves. What she may find. She was even willing to turn around and ask the clerk, but she didn't want to appear interested. She hated appearing interested.

Chapter 2

"Hello" Athelia heard someone say. Surprised she twisted around and found nobody standing there. Thinking she was hearing things she went back to..."thinking". "Hello" the voice said again. She ignored it. "Over here" it said. She looked to her side. There stood Gre, smiling, and holding a book. (Gre as in Gregor...y.) "Who are you?" she asked sternly, obviously annoyed and confused at the same time. "Had he been standing there the whole time?" she said to herself.
"This is a good book" he said, still smiling "I think you should read it"
"I don't read." she said, turning back to the shelves.
"I'll set it on this table for you, if you would like to read it."
Athelia turned her head to say something, but he was gone, and there on the table was the book. She slowly walked over to it, and read the cover.
"The Keye..." she slowly read to herself. She slowly turned back.
"I don't read, I don't read..." she said to herself. She picked up the book, then set it down, then picked it up and walked over to the desk.
"I'd like to buy this.." she mumbled quietly.
"Yes?" the clerk asked.
"I want to buy this" she said louder.
"$14.99 please"
Athelia had never spent a dime. Of any money she got. She had a wallet full of money. She had about $1500 dollars in it. It was really bulging. She took out a $20, and handed it to the clerk.
"Thank you, that'll be $5.01 in change, would you like a bag?
"Yes, please"
"Here you go, would you care to donate to The Children's Hospital Fund?"
She handed him the $5.01 of change and said "Here"
"Thank you very much, this money will go to good use, thank you for your service. Would you like anything else?"
"Ok, good day!"
"Hmm...bye, thank you." Athelia could not believe she was being nice. It was something about that man that had left the book there. Something changed.

--Not Done--


Anyhow, I've been trying my hand at Geo Metree Art Style.

Website Technical "Difficulties"

2009-06-23 22:49:21 by PriBar

Errr. Umm. I need help. Ok I need to redo the site. But, uh, I need. Help. I guess. Hrm. Hrumph.

Should I make my series?

2009-06-23 17:31:28 by PriBar

I was wondering if I should go ahead with my series "Tuti & Sam". Please reply in comments. Or something.