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2010-08-04 19:46:49 by PriBar

As I have of yet to be scouted, I must make bold attempts to be noticed. Just a few minutes ago I finished up this baby:


"Funny" story

2010-02-05 10:26:32 by PriBar

As I used my laptop more and more the cord started wearing down before it eventually broke.
Immediately I ordered a new one from online. It arrived a few days early which made me really happy. So I plugged it in and waited for the charging light to come on. but it didn't. I fiddled around with it a little to see if it was not plugged in or something. It was. So I tried everything but then I realized something. The cord was 9v when I needed a 12v(, which I had ordered). So I sent an e-mail to the company explaining the situation, they replied saying they would send a new one. So I waited, and waited, and waited for about 3 weeks, and then I sent them an e-mail asking if they had sent it. They replied saying:

"You haven't received it yet?! We'll send another!" (< May or may not be exact words)

So I waited again for another couple days, and it has finally arrived. :) Yeah me *claps*

Oh, and I broke my arm. :P


2009-12-19 20:09:41 by PriBar

.....Allo peachies! :D I just thought I might update me...News....but seeing as there is no new News.........I dun't know why I am updating this....well I guess I'm gonna roleplay as a famous Flash goes:

Hey guys! Sorry about not updating in a while, but I was....away, and anywho, I have a release date for my latest project: Bilch 2. It should be coming out December 29th...hopefully.

I've added a couple more features, including now you the game (-_-)...

Also have you visited my new website, It's got all the updates, and a sneak peek at me latest games and stuff.

Also I am going to be releasing "Ben and Fruity Episode: 17" within the next two weeks.

I've been getting some complaints about the violence in my games and videos. (Sorry mom xD) Anyway, now you are able to turn off blood, and violence settings, and also i'm adding more "puzzlieness" to my games opposed to fighting.... And I guess that's all....Love you dudes! :D
Anyway, so how was that....I mean...xD I dunno...I was bored...maybe I should start pretending to be really famous....o_o...whatever...Gubye peachies!

I've always wanted to form a group of Newgrounders (._. That doesn't sound right >.<) and together we would design and publish (online, unless one of us is willing to pay the costs lol) a Newgrounds magazine.

We would put let's say "The Top 10 Games Of The Month" and we could get like release dates for popular stuff. We would only release one every month though. It doesn't have to be a lot of people 3 even would do.

I have an idea for the cover, every month, we should get a popular Newgrounder (._.) to do it. Let's say every month we get the person with the currently most popular game to design it.

We wouldn't put a lot of stuff in it, just the basics, and a few fun things. But of course I want it to seem friendly, like making little jokes now and then, and not writing it in such a way that is forceful or anything. We would have different sections like "Letters to the Editor, Stuff you should definetely know (<-- Friendliness!), Collabs you might possibly like" stuff like that.

We would just fill people in on the basics of what there is to know. It could just be a fun thing to do nothing major. If you would like to volunteer please comment! Danks a lot! :D

Ima need to know two things.

2009-10-21 10:36:08 by PriBar

First off:

What does "scouted/scouting" mean?

How do I become scouted?

Should I make my series?

2009-06-23 17:31:28 by PriBar

I was wondering if I should go ahead with my series "Tuti & Sam". Please reply in comments. Or something.